Monday, February 7, 2011

Digital Matters

A few interweb related things to note, while I’m up for air from marking for a few minutes.

First, somebody out there has started my Facebook page, but I’d like to go on record in the blog here and say that the Facebook page is not mine, nor is it run by me. I Twittered this fact, too. There you go. All relevant social media have been involved. My Space, I assume, is 2000’s enough that I need not include it in the campaign to dissociate myself.

On another digital dimension altogether, here is the link to a short film I made this summer with some former students. I suppose it is, as they say, a “book trailer”, but we wanted something a little more specific to its own character and intent. I think it’s funny, though some have written in and worried that it is real and serious, or worse, real serious. Here’s the link:

As for the rest of reality, or “offline” as the kids like to negatively define it these days, Tess turned 4 and so this weekend we took her and her friends to an indoor climbing asylum. I think it’s enviable that kids can now get jacked up on sugar commodities and be turned loose in a foamy, netted jungle of safety and mayhem. The place only causes one cry per hour, which is a fairly good rate compared to the other offerings out here in the offline.